Friday, June 3, 2011

Day - Going back to work..

Mood: Body: Hurt Mind: Antsy
Sounds: The Voice <--Amazing Show
Perfect - Pink <3

How are you guysngals? Just a quick note...SO it's official! I'm going to be back at the seasonal for Father's Day.  :-S but that's all they have with my workstatus restrictions.  Not much anyone can do about it.  It's less pay but hopefully the workcomp will help with that. Thank you to everyone who has helped me emotionally, mentally and spiritually with this healing. . .it's far from done, but I know it will end in the most positive way for my life.  Photowise: done with one of my photo just the rest! >.< I'm gonna need an energy drink mixed with oj. . .or a case of em.  Hey, Ma! wanna go to walmart to get a redbull and oj?! hehehe. <3 you!

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