Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 14 - Design A Day - Isla & Yana

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Sounds: Mythbusters Alcatraz

Hello!  Today I was calmed and inspired by my entry earlier today.   I did need to take a quick break and breath outside.  Thank you Mayhap! Shoulder update: the meds kicked my booty I could not walk much this am.  It's the dizziness. . . ugg.  Upside to things that happened today, I have a total of 4 followers! Hello!!!! I also got my second customer!  Very exciting...still and that was a few hours ago!!!  So today I made two roses of the order. Hopefully she like them, as much as I do!  Also going to put the designs up on Etsy and if anyone would like more spring flavored Roses let me know!  I'm truly in love with "Isla" it's a totally new design style.  It's inspired by this morning's sunrise.  The new style is as follows..tight in the center and SUPER loose folding in the middle to tight again on the edging. Please let me know what you guys think!  Made of a canary yellow satin ribbon , with a black sleek pearl bead. Find it here: Isla Ribbon Rose

This rose is a classic beginning style of mine just expanded to make a larger rose. I adore this one as well.  It's a classic "flower".  Made with an orange single strand satin ribbon, with traditional ribbon rose folding and a silver pearl bead center. Find it here: Yana Ribbon Rose

<3 Juba

Day 14 - Etsy Success Challenge: What's Your Biggest Strength?

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On Etsy!

Thank you daniellexo! This was a definitely challenge and a great way to start my morning... working in the past for a corporation this positive thinking was mostly outdated and rarely used.  I *AM* an amazing I look forward to using this topic in other areas big and small of my crazy life.  With so much positive answer:

Thank you Etsy! It is currently saved as my background on my phone and to my desktop, for when I start to go down on myself...even a little, there really is no reason to.  :-) 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 13 - Design A Day - Lisa

Mood: Super Excited/Proud
Sounds:  Jesse Cook  Pandora Radio Station

Good Evenin! Today was exciting and exausting...on the shoulder side my arm hurts like crazy!  I woke up and decided that I HAD to wash my hair right now this second.  So in typical Juba fashion I carefully taped ziploc baggies to my shoulder and drowned my hair in totally twisted: with wild cherry and jewel orchid.  mmmmm. I felt so much better after mentally but so not physically...I thought it was going to fall off.  I went and made something for me. . .personal and pretty.  I took a pair of earrings and took them apart making them into a single charm. Added ribbon and melted the edges and knots to create a slipknot so I can easily take it on and off.  I adore it! I think it will be my charm bracelet.  I have tons of charms and no actual bracelet... The second piece is a keychain that could be a possible his/her thing much later.  It's got a single knot of ribbon also melted completely to not come off.  I would have to find more of these charms...thoughts? 

The DESIGN OF THE DAY is super special to me.  It's inspired by a lady who prolly doesn't know how much she did impacted my childhood.  There are many strong women who were amazing role models for me, who showed me that it was possible to grow and become a merry, honest and kind lady no matter what long you can dream it, you can do it.  No matter how small or huge the goal.  So...thank you, from the bottom of my <3... to lisa: my memory of you has you running around with a million ribbons flying from your hair and outfit! :-)

This rose is unique not only in color, but also has THREE different ribbons.  There is one sheer, and two satin strands with a silver pearl bead in the core.  Very much inspired and with the different sides to the namesake.  You can find it here on my Etsy Shop!  These photos today were taken by Nate a new photographer, my little brother, and maybe protege? See more here.  

Thanks for reading and I hope you share with a friend!  
<3 Juba

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 12 - Design A Day! xs2ish!

Mood: Happy
Sounds: BeeberBLAST!  teeHEE!

Hello! So I did a design yesterday ...but didn't get it uploaded because I didn't like it at first.  I thought I messed it up by lighting it on FIRE... yes on fire. (Looked down at the rose in my hand and went oh look flames...OH CRAP! FIRE! *blowout*) It's growing on I think I want it! It's very adorable!  Slightly tattered but still good colors, contrast and it's very much UNIQUE.  If I made another one, even if I tried I could never get the fire to ever burn the same! wooooh science in art.  .  .kinda.  <3  so I might have to play with fire more...tehehe.  >.<  So I don't if you guys love it, but give me your feedback below/fb/chatting/ortxting me cause my followers are part of lefamiliacrazy <33 Auntie Lolie and Maman!  Both are part the reason I am actually doing this. Some day I'll have more followers/fanclub/people who wear pretties! YAY! 

This is a Tattered Em Rose! Made with a satin purple color with cream sheer outer and a silver shiny pearl bead center. Inspired by the sunrise from yesterday morning.  :-) You can find it here on my Etsy Shop

The Emily Rose!!! So this is almost like the Tattered Em, however I have changed the pattern on the beginning loops and end of the second half to make it a bit more unique.  Made with the same materials as the Tattered Em.  Of course not tattered...or previously lit on fire.  >.<  OH! and thanks to Auntie Lolie's designs I have collaborated both of our ideas and there is now a completely new and way to attach the alligator clip. Find it here on my Etsy Shop! 

So I'm off to possibly go to the antique stores downtown for more inspirations...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 10 - Design A Day - Tara & Caity

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Sounds: One way or another sung by siblings...
and The Fighter movie starting.

Hola!  I didn't get much more then an hour of sleep last I'm hyper tired and super excited today I about colors I made TWO.  The Tara rose was inspired by a favorite faireytale, I used to babysit a sweet little lady and now she's mostly grown at 6 yrs with a sense of serious style. It is made with satin ice blue with a sheer white outer and silver pearl bead center.  :-) I love this little girl and this flower!  On Etsy Shop here!

Caity is inspiration via M&M's... chocolate and teal...yummy! I do know, in real life a Kat, Katy, and Katie but never a I made one.  I adore the color combination and the overall feel of this rose. It's made of satin teal and chocolate sheer with a shiny silver pearl center!  So purdy, just like the Ks in my life. You can find it here:  Etsy Shop 

I love making roses...<3 Let me know what you guys think!?! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 9 - Design A Day - Elena

Mood: Cheerful
Sounds: Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same
So when I thought of how I would do my own version of Design A Day I thought maybe I would take the alphabet and go backwards in naming. . . made sense because the first one was "Zoey" then I got to actually making a rose today.  The rose just wanted to be simple, elegant and solid in color and design.  When I was done it was not any name that started with Y, it was an "Elena" just staring at me.  Not an EEEE-laine-a...but a soft eLena with a Spanish lisp and roll of the tongue.  The voices in my head are talking again...or maybe it's my shoulder meds.  LOL!  Either way...have the "Elena"! Made with satin crimson color with black shiny pearl bead. Inspired by music the song Love Remains The Same, by Gavin Rossdale.

Hopefully someone else in the world loves it as much as me! It's here on my Etsy Shop! Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or critiques!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Still Day 8 - Starting a Design A Day!

I love other people's design a day! My creative juices are running fast! I made a new rose today. Hot pink petals, a sheer black middle with silver pearl for accent.  I absolutely love it.

Inspired by the lovely Alicia and her little love Zoey!  So seems perfect to name it the "Zoey" rose.  Thanks lady! I'll have them on here on Etsy! Let me know what you think? 

Day 8

Hello World!!! 
In the last 8 days my life has been incredibly crazy!  8 days ago I sold my first ribbon roses via my maman's work desk.  They were green for St. Patrick's day and the extra money went to the American Red Cross to help people in Japan.  7 days ago I actually put them up for sale on Etsy: Etsy Store which was exciting.  It took a whole process of taking pictures of them...which included getting a photographer.  (I am lucky enough to be living with one! :-) Drag my maman and sister into modeling for me and directing like crazy. First Pictures Of First Roses Of course I WOULD do it all by myself but I have a "classic pitching injury" (tear and cyst) from when I fell last October. >.< So 22 views on the Teal Rose and 19 on the Green Rose, I have not sold one thoughts are that it could be two things.  One the teal one is a prettier color or two I have not yet "named" my items.  I'm thinking it's the rose color!  I want people to be able to see that the roses are not specifically designed for little girls.  I started making them for ME because I lost paycheck and cannot afford to spend $20 a week on new hair accessories.  Did I mention I love pretties for my hair... :-)  3 days ago I had shoulder surgery! I was the worst patient ever.  I do not stop wiggling, giggling or moving to get comfy.  I can not hold still for very long at all.  So you can imaging the last 3 days of sitting on my new bed/couch/lounge have been hardest part...not the pain.  I think my family has had it with me.  My better half is finally asleep. I plan on keeping him that way, he has put up with me and taken amazing care of me for the last few days on almost no sleep.  Long story sum up is I talk and wiggle a ton and this is just a way to get it OUT so my family can have peace and I can get my thoughts out of my head.  
<3s to all to care to read and to those that don't whom I still <3.