Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 10 - Design A Day - Tara & Caity

Mood: Optimistic 
Sounds: One way or another sung by siblings...
and The Fighter movie starting.

Hola!  I didn't get much more then an hour of sleep last I'm hyper tired and super excited today I about colors I made TWO.  The Tara rose was inspired by a favorite faireytale, I used to babysit a sweet little lady and now she's mostly grown at 6 yrs with a sense of serious style. It is made with satin ice blue with a sheer white outer and silver pearl bead center.  :-) I love this little girl and this flower!  On Etsy Shop here!

Caity is inspiration via M&M's... chocolate and teal...yummy! I do know, in real life a Kat, Katy, and Katie but never a I made one.  I adore the color combination and the overall feel of this rose. It's made of satin teal and chocolate sheer with a shiny silver pearl center!  So purdy, just like the Ks in my life. You can find it here:  Etsy Shop 

I love making roses...<3 Let me know what you guys think!?! 

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