Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 12 - Design A Day! xs2ish!

Mood: Happy
Sounds: BeeberBLAST!  teeHEE!

Hello! So I did a design yesterday ...but didn't get it uploaded because I didn't like it at first.  I thought I messed it up by lighting it on FIRE... yes on fire. (Looked down at the rose in my hand and went oh look flames...OH CRAP! FIRE! *blowout*) It's growing on me...now I think I want it! It's very adorable!  Slightly tattered but still good colors, contrast and it's very much UNIQUE.  If I made another one, even if I tried I could never get the fire to ever burn the same! wooooh science in art.  .  .kinda.  <3  so I might have to play with fire more...tehehe.  >.<  So I don't if you guys love it, but give me your feedback below/fb/chatting/ortxting me cause my followers are part of lefamiliacrazy <33 Auntie Lolie and Maman!  Both are part the reason I am actually doing this. Some day I'll have more followers/fanclub/people who wear pretties! YAY! 

This is a Tattered Em Rose! Made with a satin purple color with cream sheer outer and a silver shiny pearl bead center. Inspired by the sunrise from yesterday morning.  :-) You can find it here on my Etsy Shop

The Emily Rose!!! So this is almost like the Tattered Em, however I have changed the pattern on the beginning loops and end of the second half to make it a bit more unique.  Made with the same materials as the Tattered Em.  Of course not tattered...or previously lit on fire.  >.<  OH! and thanks to Auntie Lolie's designs I have collaborated both of our ideas and there is now a completely new and way to attach the alligator clip. Find it here on my Etsy Shop! 

So I'm off to possibly go to the antique stores downtown for more inspirations...

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