Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 8

Hello World!!! 
In the last 8 days my life has been incredibly crazy!  8 days ago I sold my first ribbon roses via my maman's work desk.  They were green for St. Patrick's day and the extra money went to the American Red Cross to help people in Japan.  7 days ago I actually put them up for sale on Etsy: Etsy Store which was exciting.  It took a whole process of taking pictures of them...which included getting a photographer.  (I am lucky enough to be living with one! :-) Drag my maman and sister into modeling for me and directing like crazy. First Pictures Of First Roses Of course I WOULD do it all by myself but I have a "classic pitching injury" (tear and cyst) from when I fell last October. >.< So 22 views on the Teal Rose and 19 on the Green Rose, I have not sold one thoughts are that it could be two things.  One the teal one is a prettier color or two I have not yet "named" my items.  I'm thinking it's the rose color!  I want people to be able to see that the roses are not specifically designed for little girls.  I started making them for ME because I lost paycheck and cannot afford to spend $20 a week on new hair accessories.  Did I mention I love pretties for my hair... :-)  3 days ago I had shoulder surgery! I was the worst patient ever.  I do not stop wiggling, giggling or moving to get comfy.  I can not hold still for very long at all.  So you can imaging the last 3 days of sitting on my new bed/couch/lounge have been hardest part...not the pain.  I think my family has had it with me.  My better half is finally asleep. I plan on keeping him that way, he has put up with me and taken amazing care of me for the last few days on almost no sleep.  Long story sum up is I talk and wiggle a ton and this is just a way to get it OUT so my family can have peace and I can get my thoughts out of my head.  
<3s to all to care to read and to those that don't whom I still <3.

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