Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 14 - Design A Day - Isla & Yana

Mood: Calm
Sounds: Mythbusters Alcatraz

Hello!  Today I was calmed and inspired by my entry earlier today.   I did need to take a quick break and breath outside.  Thank you Mayhap! Shoulder update: the meds kicked my booty I could not walk much this am.  It's the dizziness. . . ugg.  Upside to things that happened today, I have a total of 4 followers! Hello!!!! I also got my second customer!  Very exciting...still and that was a few hours ago!!!  So today I made two roses of the order. Hopefully she like them, as much as I do!  Also going to put the designs up on Etsy and if anyone would like more spring flavored Roses let me know!  I'm truly in love with "Isla" it's a totally new design style.  It's inspired by this morning's sunrise.  The new style is as follows..tight in the center and SUPER loose folding in the middle to tight again on the edging. Please let me know what you guys think!  Made of a canary yellow satin ribbon , with a black sleek pearl bead. Find it here: Isla Ribbon Rose

This rose is a classic beginning style of mine just expanded to make a larger rose. I adore this one as well.  It's a classic "flower".  Made with an orange single strand satin ribbon, with traditional ribbon rose folding and a silver pearl bead center. Find it here: Yana Ribbon Rose

<3 Juba

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