Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 18 - Design A Day - Decca!

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Hello! I barely squeaked one in today! This weekend was packed with business to try and keep focus on LunaNora during the week.  I did manage to put up a facebook for LunaNora so LIKE & SHARE AWAY! :-D I ended up at the DMV today...for 3 hours.  Positive outcome.  Yay!  Though it was right in the middle of my normal design alone time.  >.<  So I spent the evening workin away and came up with this...I am thrilled because today's design is the start of a collection of delicate tattered pieces of hairclips.  There will be ten different styles and colors total. The "Decca" Rose has a style that is tight in the middle with even mostly symmetrical patterned petals and a sheer billowy light petals around the center then melted to a firm edge. Made of a yellow satin ribbon with black sheer ribbon around, the center has a black sleek pearl bead. 

 You guys can find it here: Click Here! Please let me know what you guys think!  Just so everyone knows, some on the site are ready and available until I run out of that roll of ribbon.  Even if I sell it I will renew the posting on Etsy, as long as I can still create it.  :-) See you guys tomorrow!
<3 Juba

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